What is WordPress – WordPress Tutorial

What is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) written in PHP.

Use of WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating websites. You can easily create any type of website using WordPress, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website like an e-commerce website without any kind of coding knowledge. In fact, on the internet, more than 30% of websites are built with WordPress, from this, you can assume the popularity of WordPress.

Difference between the WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress has two types of versions –

  1. Hosted Version (WordPress.com)
  2. Self-Hosted Version (WordPress.org)

Hosted Version of WordPress

In the Hosted Version, your website runs on the official WordPress servers.

The WordPress.com comes with the paid version and the free version also. That means you can create a website for free on WordPress.com. You just need to Sign up for creating an account on WordPress.com to create a free website.

Self-Hosted Version of WordPress

In the Self-Hosted Version, your website runs on your own web hosting account.

WordPress.org is totally free. To create a website with WordPress.org you just need to buy a Hosting and a Domain.

Should you use WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

In my recommendation, you should use WordPress.org. Because in WordPress.com, there are too many limitations.

Limitations of WordPress.com

  • You can not upload Themes or Plugins. But you can install themes from their limited free themes collection.
  • You can’t create an eCommerce website because WordpPress.com does not offer any eCommerce features.
  • WordPress.com place ads on all free website. So users will see ads on your website, but you don’t make money from it. If you want to remove ads, then you need to upgrade your website plan by paying a certain amount.
  • If your website violates their Terms of Service, then they can delete your site at any time.

In the Free Plan of WordPress.com has too many limitations. But, if you upgrade your website plan, then they decrease your limitations. But, after upgrading your plan, still, you will have some restrictions. For that, you need to use WordPress.org. By using WordPress.org you have full control of your website.

How to Create a website using WordPress?

To create a website with WordPress you need to purchase a Hosting and a Domain.

(100% Free) But, if you want to try or learn WordPress to understand how WordPress is used to create a website then, you can do that by creating a local server or localhost on your PC and then install WordPress on your local server.

In the next tutorial, you will learn how to create a local server and how to install WordPress on your local server.

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