Vue JS Tutorial For Beginners

What is vue.js?

Vue.Js is an open-source progressive front-end JavaScript framework, and that is used to create interactive user interfaces and single-page applications.

Why use vue.js?

  • Easy to learn.
  • Very lightweight
  • Very High Run Time Performance

What are the prerequisites for learning vue.js?

You must have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before learning the Vue.js.

What are the main features of the Vue.js?

  1. Virtual Dom

    VueJS uses virtual DOM, which is also used by other frameworks & libraries such as React JS, Ember, etc.

  2. Data Binding

    You can easily manipulate HTML attributes by using the Vue.js data-binding feature, and Vue has two types of data binding – One-way & Two-way data-binding.

  3. Components

    In a simple word, components are the parts of a web page, such as sidebars, header, footer, navbar, heading, list, etc. Using Vue you can easily create components or dynamic components that mean components can be reusable.

  4. Event Handling

    Using vue.js you can easily handle the events such as mouseover keyup, keydown etc.

  5. Template Syntax

    Vue.js uses an HTML-based template syntax that helps to create components easily.

  6. Lightweight

    Vue JS is very lightweight and the performance is also very fast.

  7. Vue-CLI

    Vue has also a CLI version called Vue-CLI. It helps to make a Vue application more easily and more organized.

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