How to install WordPress on Xampp or localhost

In the previous tutorial, you learned what WordPress is. Now in this tutorial, you will learn how to install WordPress on Xampp or localhost.

How to install Xampp?

First, download the latest version of XAMPP from, according to your OS (Mac, Linux, Windows) and install it on your computer.

In the installation process, if you face this(see the below image), then ignore the not recommended option and choose another option and then click on Allow access.

Xampp Firewall

How to install WordPress on Xampp or localhost?

To install WordPress on your localhost or Xampp server, first of all, download the latest version of WordPress from and it is free.

After downloading the WordPress, Now open your Xampp htdocs folder.

So where is the htdocs folder of xampp? You will find the htdocs folder inside your xampp installation folder.

Opening htdocs folder of xampp

1 – Open your XAMPP Control Panel and then click on Explorer. Like the below image –

Xampp Control Panel

2 – Now you can see the htdocs folder. Open it.

xampp htdocs folder

After opening the htdocs folder, Now follow the below steps –

  1. Copy the ZIP file of WordPress and paste it inside the htdocs folder.
  2. Extract the pasted ZIP file.
  3. Rename the wordpress Folder to mysite
  4. Delete the WordPress ZIP file.

Paste the ZIP file

Paste wordpress zip file

Extract the ZIP file and Rename it

Rename the wordpress zip file

Now open you XAMPP Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL Server –

Start apache server and mysql server

After starting the Apache and MySQL, Now, you need to create a Database. To create a database, open your browser and type – http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

In the phpMyAdmin click on the New to create a new Database.

phpMyAdmin Create new database

Then type the database name (the name is totally up to you), Here I named it – mysite_database, then click on the create button.

Enter database name

After creating the Database (mysite_database), Now open your mysite website on your browser by typing – http://localhost/mysite/

Now choose your language and click on the continue button.

Choose WordPress Language

Click on the Let’s go button.

Click on the let's go button

Fill up the Database information and click on the submit button.

  • Database Namemysite_database
  • Usernameroot
  • Password – By default DB password is none.
  • Database hostlocalhost
  • Table Prefix – Leave this in default
Enter database information

Click on the Run the installation button.

click on the run the installation button

Enter your site information and click on the submit button.

  • Site Title – That’s totally up to you
  • Username – Enter your username (My username is admin)
  • Password – Enter New password
  • Email – Enter your email
Enter Site Information

Click on the login button.

click on the log in button

Enter your username and password to login to your website Dashboard.

Enter your username and password to login to your website Dashboard.

After you are successfully logged in, Now you are inside the Dashboard.

What is the Dashboard? – The dashboard is used to manage your website.

So, what does your website look like to see that then open your site URL in your browser – http://localhost/mysite/

  • Site URLhttp://localhost/mysite/
  • Dashboard URLhttp://localhost/mysite/wp-admin

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