How to add CSS in WordPress Theme

Add Custom CSS Code in Your WordPress Theme

Today’s topic is how to add CSS in WordPress Theme. Here you will learn how to add your custom CSS in your WordPress Theme. And this tutorial for absolute beginners.

Sometimes you want to change some WordPress theme design according to your choice for that you need to add some CSS code or CSS file.

In this tutorial I will show you how to add your custom css code in your theme.

Follow the below steps to add your custom CSS code in your Theme –

First Step –

First login to your WordPress dashboard.

Second step –

After that go to Appearance Section and then click on Customize.

WordPress Appearance Section
Customize section

Third Step –

Now in the third step, you can see the Additional CSS Navigation at the left side. Click on the Additional CSS Navigation.

Additional CSS Section

After that you can see a Text box and here you past your CSS code and then click on publish.

add custom css and click on publish

Add Custom CSS Using Plugin

you also add your custom CSS code using WordPress Plugin. In WordPress, there are many plugins to add custom CSS to your site.

But, here is the plugin called Simple Custom CSS, by using that plugin you can easily add your custom CSS code in your theme.

So, for intall that plugin go to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins section and then click on the Add New Navigation.

Then type Simple Custom CSS on search box.

Plugin Search Box

Now Install and activate the Simple Custom CSS (By John Regan, Danny Van Kooten) plugin.

Simple Custom CSS (By John Regan, Danny Van Kooten)

After activating the plugin, again go to the Appearance section and now inside the nested of Appearance you can see the Custom CSS, Click on that.

plugin custom css menu

And here you can see the big Text box, in the text box add your CSS code then click on the Update Custom CSS Button.

All is done.

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